What is Europe to you?
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Voices of Europe
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What is Europe to you?



Voices of Europe


Collage on Newspaper




Europe is Everything
Anastasios Aka Tassos, lawyer, Psirri district
Europe is Democracy
Yorgos, retired, Kipseli
Greece is not Europe
Mariana, supermarket employee, Kipseli
Europe is Nothing
Alexandros, waiter, Kipseli
Europe is A great project
Elli, student, Kipseli
Europe is Austerity, Racism
Dina, teacher in a Athens lyceum, Kipseli
Europe is Money
Stafis, mechanic, Kipseli
Europe is Guarantee
Eleonora, stationer, Kipseli
Europe is Opportunity
Dimitri, cake designer, Kipseli
Europe is Help
Yannis, butcher, Kipseli
Europe is Optimism
Angeliki, photographer, Kipseli
Europe is Hipocrisy
Panos, footballer, Kipseli
Europe is Nothing
Mario, pet shop owner, Nea Smyrna
Europe is Effort
Dimitri, student, Exarchia
Europe is Cooperation
Fanasis, bookseller, Exarchia
Europe is Beauty
Efthimia, retired, Exarchia
Europe is Capitalism
Kostantina, student, Exarchia
Europe is Idea
Vasilis, journalist, Psirri
Europe is Opportunity
Mohammad, refugee, Omonia square
Europe is People
Giorgina, unemployed, Syntagma square
Europe is Brothel
Napoleone, retired, Exarchia
Europe is Love
Two Athenians, Syntagma square
Europe is Federation
Gina, journalist, Syntagma square
Europe is Culture
Yiannis, Syntagma square
Europe is Dignity
Nikos, doctor, Herodes Atticus Theater
Europe is Flexibility
Christos, restaurant owner, Pireo
Europe is Ruin
Yorgos, retired, Athens metro
Europe is People
One Athenian, Vuelo Beach
Europe is Victim
Angeliki, retired, Kipseli
Europe is Help
Nikolas, journalist, Kipseli
Europe is United State of Europe
Roland, hairdresser, Kipseli
Europe is Disappointment
Sophia, volunteer in a social pharmacy, Nea Smyrna
Europe is Change
Europe is ChangeVassilis, singer, Exarchia
Europe is Something inside
Maria, businesswoman, Aiolu street
Europe is Nothing
Mizah, refugee, Omonia square
Europe is Shelter
Yannis, fish seller, Athens central market
Europe is Holiday
Bilal, Athens beach
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