What is Europe to you?
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Voices of Europe
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What is Europe to you?



Voices of Europe


Collage on Newspaper




Europe is Complete
Orietta & Franco, retirees, via Monte de’ Cenci
Europe is A beautiful thing
Mohammed, unemployed, via Beatrice Cenci
The European Union has no value to me
Raffaele, songwriter, via dei Pettinari
Europe is A shared cradle
Mario, Rabbi, Synagogue of Rome
Europe is The greatness of civilization
Gilda & Ariette, Sisters, Via dei Cestari
Europe is United
Chiara, student, partner of Calciosociale, Corviale
Europe is Travel
Federico & Mauro, Founders of the GETFLY project, E.U.R.
Europe is A united chaos
Giorgia & Paolo, entrepreneurs, Coppedè
Europe is United
Massimo, doorman, Coppedè
Europe is Disgusting
Massimo, taxi driver, piazza del Popolo
Europe is The only hope we have
Fabrizio, journalist, Villa Borghese
Europe is Inclusion
Gabriella, freelancer, Parioli
Europe is Hospitality, peace and freedom
Emmanuela, social media manager & Sabrina, dancer, quartiere San Lorenzo
It is all of us who support Europe
Silvia, unemployed, Garbatella
Europe is Democracy
Antonio & Cristina, retirees, Garbatella
Europe is The biggest democracy
Temistocle, taxi driver, Trastevere
Europe is Disgusting and badly managed
Ivano, painter, via Candia
Europe is Contradiction
Antonio, employee in a deli, via Germanico
Europe is A dream
Giorgio, entrepreneur, via Vespasiano, Prati
Europe is Discouragement
Fabrizio, entrepreneur, via Vespasiano, Prati
Europe is A global village
Lilla, employee, piazza del Risorgimento
Europe is Utopia
Gianni, shoe shop owner, Largo Ottavio Tassoni
Europe is A union of people
Luigi, gardener & Mary, public employee, Testaccio
Europe is A dream
Paolo, computer technician, Fregene beach, Ostia
Europe is A big rip off
Restaurateur, Borgo Pio
We want to get out of Europe
Alessandro, worker & Claudio, security guard & Mauro, chef, Testaccio
Europe is Too large
Luigi, former aviator, Testaccio
Europe is A negative thing for me
Emilia, book seller, stazione Termini
Europe is Civilization, culture. It’s the future
Elena & Tatiana, journalist, isola Tiberina
Euorope is A chance for everyone
Pietro Paolo, lawyer, piazza Capranica
Europe is A great dream of democracy and participation
Massimo, promoter of Calciosociale, Corviale
Europe Should help more people in need
Danilo, waiter, serpentone, Corviale
Europe is Unity and life
Lucas, co-worker in a kindergarten & Davide, unemployed, piazza Buones Aires
Europe is Integration
Pasquale, business consultant, Vaticano
Europe is Bleakness
Attilio, photojournalist, Foro Romano
Europe is In between dreams and utopia
Riccardo, business consultant, Parioli
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